About Us


Art: the final frontier.

These are the adventures of the magazine OAM.

Its continuing mission: to explore strange new art, to seek out new stories and new features, to boldly go where no mag has gone before.

Back down on earth, we actually hope to present diverse articles and images from members, about their work, and themselves. Our eclectic group of contributing members will present stories from the visual arts, the performing arts, and even wider areas. You will find great contemporary paintings and drawings, digital art, photography, sculpture, music, theatre, and writing. Even an occasional piece about kitchen art (home cooked), or the art of staying well.

‘Our Arts Magazine’ has no fixed publication schedule but releases stories several times a week.

Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive information about the latest articles. See the subscription box in the left sidebar. There is no cost to subscribe to ‘Our Arts Magazine’.

If you are a member of the arts who loves to reach out, please consider joining our group. See the box in the right sidebar. A number of our forums are for members to exchange ideas, chats, and to gather socially.

We currently have over three dozen contributing members. You can find their profiles and portfolios under the Contributing Members tab. [Coming soon]

The publisher of the magazine is Isabella F. Shores.
Members of the editorial team include:
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