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How to pitch an article


Before posting an article, please read our Articles Posting Usage page. This is very important as some posts, if including certain links, will incur a charge. Now you have done that I can tell you it is very easy to create a new post and pitch it to us.

New Post Location. Once you have registered, or logged in, you can clearly see this link at the top of the site

You are now taken to the POST EDIT page. It is here that all the magic happens.

You can clearly see where to add your SUBJECT and your BODY #2 is where to choose the category these posts will go into

1. Add Images etc 2. Choose a free image from Pixabay 3. Choose between a text editor or HTML code posting 4. Toggle the amount of items on your toolbar

Save the post if you have to leave the page (although there is auto saving)

Choose 2 to 3 tags only please. The search engine reads the pages not the keywords and the keywords are only for our internal search. Too many is not necessary

This is the ADMIN area and where the editors will leave you messages before your post is ready for publishing. Once you have pitched your post, we will be emailed to help you on the next step. Please make sure you have emails from whitelisted in your email account

You must have a featured image here. It can be the same one you added to the post

Choose what type of sharing you want on your page. Leave them all for full sharing

Now pitch your post and watch your emails!

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