Writing Skills Task – 1

I am a writer. Not a great writer by any means but I love to spin a short tale. However, recently I have found it harder and harder to find the right words, and I am using a thesaurus more than ever. The reason is, I believe anyway, I write rarely.

The secret to good writing is to practice daily. The secret to great writing is to practice daily and to study other writing. Writing daily helps hone your skills. Helps you find the words, and makes writing more of a habit than a difficult chore.

We here at OAM hope to help you a little with the former, with writing tasks. Even if they just give you a small idea for an article or a story then all is good.

So, every day we will give you a writing task. We will give you a concept and you run with it. We REALLY hope you will share what you put with us here, in the comments. We would love to read it.


A boy walks into a shop to make a purchase and finds strangers behind the counter…….

There is no word amount goal. We will bring that later when we have done this for a few weeks. For now you are just getting into the swing of it.

Have fun 🙂

Isabella F A Shores
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Isabella F A Shores

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Isabella F A Shores
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7 comments for “Writing Skills Task – 1

  1. 14th September 2017 at 12:01 am

    It seemed strange to him, that Marie and Jeanine were not behind the counter, as they have been everyday since he was coming here with his mom. He instinctively looked behind him, just to make sure he was in the right shop. As he approached the counter the two strangers stopped their very animated, whispered conversation.

  2. 14th September 2017 at 2:11 pm

    Wide-eyed the boy asks, “where are Jeanine and Marie?”. The taller stranger smiles at him. “Hi, I’m Paul and this is Gerald, we are friends of the owners. They asked us to take care of the shop while they are on a long-deserved cruise in the Caribbean. How can I help you young man?” The boy awkwardly digs out digs out a crumpled bill from his pocket along with some coins. “A French baguette, please” …

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