Writing Skills Tasks Summary

Welcome to Writing Skills Tasks.

This area of OAM was developed as a tool to help and encourage you to hone your writing skills.

A new subject is posted daily providing an opportunity to make daily writing a habit as well as giving you ideas for your writings.

Please feel free to share your stories (prose or poems) in the comment section at the end of each task.

Sharing our stories can encourage others to explore their own creativity.

    1. A boy walks into a shop to make a purchase and finds strangers behind the counter……. http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-skills-task-1/2017
    2.  A politician sees a homeless man http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-skills-task-2/2017
    3. A flower is given to a stranger  http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-skills-task-3/2017
    4. An old lady remembers. http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-skills-task-4/2017
    5. Gardeners enter a contest  http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-skills-task-5/2017
    6. A dogs owners go away  http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-task-8/2017skills-6/2017
    7. you win a million….what do you do? http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-skills-7/2017
    8. you have to pay it forward.  What and to whom? http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-task-8/2017
    9. Write a letter to someone. http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-task-9/2017
    10. a story about one of your ancestors. Real or made up. http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-task-10/2017
    11. Write about something you have that you really do not want to lose. http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-task-11/2017
    12.  A young girl gets on a coach http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-task-12/2017
    13. My all-time favourite song is……Because http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-task-13/2017
    14. A small sunflower looks up at the sky… http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-task-14/2017
    15. My favourite place in the world is…..why? http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-task-15/2017
    16. Write about a scar you have on your body…embellish it http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-task-16/2017
    17. A dog loses his winter coat and a gosling loses his parents http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-task-17/2017
    18. A prisoner escapes from captivity http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-task-18/2017
    19. A laugh, a cry, a reason why http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-task-19/2017
    20. A toothbrush, decorating and a lodger not paid http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-task-20/2017
    21. You find a lost wallet.  Tell a story about its owner http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-tasks/writing-task-21/2017
    22. A photo taking trip.  A yeti, and a banana http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-tasks/writing-task-22/2017
    23. a carousel plays at night  http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-tasks/writing-task-23/2017
    24. A lodger does not pay his bill http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-tasks/writing-task-24/2017
    25.  a vase of dead flowers….a mouse http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-tasks/writing-task-25/2017
    26. a handbag full of….a Mr Potato Head…. A stuffed toy  http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-tasks/writing-task-26/2017
    27. A young magician meets a ‘has been’ conjuror http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-tasks/writing-skills-task-27/2017
    28. A pocket full of rye http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-tasks/word-skills-task-28/2017
    29. A strange smell…..a detective http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-tasks/writing-skills-task-29/2017
    30. A Yellow Daffodil http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-tasks/writing-skills-task-30/2017
    31. You are working online and the internet goes out http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-tasks/writing-skills-task-31/2017
    32. A cowgirl takes off her hat http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-skills-task-32/2017
    33. The Chair in the corner. http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-skills-task-33/2017
    34. Burnt Turkey http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-skills-task-34/2017
    35. It was raining. http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-skills-task-35/2017
    36. Saturday Morning Brunch http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-skills-task-36/2017
    37. Three Sisters Go Shopping http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-skills-task-37/2017
    38. He gently lowered the saw blade to the wood http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-skills-task-38/2017
    39. The Desk http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-skills-task-39/2017
    40. You witness a crime. Do you report it and why or why not. http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-skills-task-40/2017
    41. The lake was cold http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-skills-task-41/2017
    42. Write about your favorite holiday tradition. http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-skills-task-42/2017
    43. The cafe was full. http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-skills-task-43/2017
    44. Describe your pet(s) http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-skills-task-44/2017
    45. The ring slipped off of her finger. http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-skills-task-45/2017
    46. Trees swayed in the wind. http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-skills-task-46/2017
    47. A large bird flies overhead. http://ourartsmagazine.com/literature/writing-skills-task-47/2017

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