Getting Known With Great Content on OAM

Getting Known With Great Content on OAM

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We , at OAM, often see people creating great content and then just sharing it on your social media to family and friends.  Now that is great, but in a lot of instances, you are trying to promote a site, a cause, or just yourself and, in that instance, it is not doing much good.

Here at OAM we want you to succeed.  We want your cause, or site, to become well known and productive.  The way we can help you is by allowing that content you would just have put on your social media to come here instead and then share THAT on your social media plus we share for you on all of ours.  We can share your cause or site much further than you can do alone.

As a growing new site we are already drawing over 10,000 subscribers and readers and this can only expand as the site gets older.  How  about we share your stories with our readers?

We love all kinds of stories.

Your life story
Helpful posts about something you do that others cannot
and much more … only limited by your imagination

So give it a go.  Pitch your post today and we will register you (if you have not already done it) and let you complete the post on site.

If wishing to post commercial links, please read here Articles Posting Usage

If unsure what that means, please contact us here CLICK TO CONTACT

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What is Our Arts Magazine?Wrong question.It should be WHO is Our Arts Magazine?

We are a collection of artists, photographers, writers, who like to share our knowledge, or stories, or art.From life through to tips and tricks, we will share it all.

Will you join us?
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