....and so it begins

….and so it begins

Hello and welcome to the site Our Arts Magazine.  Who or what are we?  Well, it is all in the name really.

This is a brand new magazine for people in the arts.  You have caught us right at the beginning….the new, fresh, opening.  I do not have backers, etc, so no setting up a ton of stuff ready for a big opening nor I do not have the patience to be one of those, ‘..collect emails of people who may be interested whilst we decide what to do first..’ type people 🙂

Also the clue is as I said, in the name.  It is OUR arts magazine.  It is what we make it.  So this first post on the brand new site is a request.  A request for people to come on board.  A request for YOU to say what you would like to see here.

My hope is a bustling site FULL of news.  Some contests…freebies.  Guest bloggers to come on and share their stories.  A Dear Abbie type page (but here she is called Fran and is very rude… sorry about that, I did ask her not to be but……)

So, what do YOU expect from a site like this?  How do you view its growth?

Don’t be shy… from the smallest acorns mighty trees grow.  Not that I am calling you an acorn or anything…. but…. um… ok off track again….

Welcome to Our Arts Magazine.  Enjoy the ride xx

Isabella (call me Abbie) Shores

Isabella F A Shores
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Isabella F A Shores

What is Our Arts Magazine?Wrong question.It should be WHO is Our Arts Magazine?

We are a collection of artists, photographers, writers, who like to share our knowledge, or stories, or art.From life through to tips and tricks, we will share it all.

Will you join us?
Isabella F A Shores
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