Tagging, or Keywords and Descriptions

Tagging, or Keywords and Descriptions

A friend called Nifty once sat on Personal Messenger with me and made me explain one of my images to him without him seeing it. So I was explaining my work as if to a blind person.

It was an amazing experience and I realised that describing images for search engines is very much the same.

You must make sure that your names and descriptions are much more than just, e.g.

Sunday Afternoon….

Instead it could be Sunday Afternoon a man walks his dog

or how about this

On a cloudy Sunday Afternoon a tall man walks his German Shepherd Dog

or even

On a cloudy, autumn Sunday Afternoon a tall man in a red cape walks his German Shepherd Dog down a leaf filled avenue……

See where I am going with this?

Each sentence gave you just a little more idea of what the image was about whereas Sunday Afternoon could have been about anything…. also search engines do not usually look for Sunday. They do however look for tall man, German shepherd dog, and leaf

So to really be in with a chance of getting YOUR image near the top of 100000000000 images on the internet you MUST change the name from DC10000.jpg to something of value, and you MUST give your image a good description as for a blind person.

Lastly…. tags

DO NOT ever, ever, put a tag for your image that isn’t in your image.

People are not tempted to buy your work after being led by a wrong tag. The opposite is true actually and they quite often wont come back. They are looking for a particular image and you wont fool them into buying another. So instead work on the words that DO go with your image and give it a better chance of a complete purchase.

In the above picture example I would use tags like

tall man
german shepherd



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