Violent Times

Violent Times

People have told me that there is more violence now than in years gone by.  That the world is going to hell in a handbasket, as the old saying goes.

I disagree. Although I do agree we are an angry species.

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Medieval Britain was far more violent than we are now. Trying hard to be civilised, when so many people are powerless, along with media portrayal, make it seem more violent. It isn’t. We hear about it more, and we learn faster what’s going on around the world, compounding it. Bringing it all to our desktops every morning.

You think the wild west was less violent?

Ease of mass weaponry is a factor, so larger scale deaths at once, in a shorter time. But death, murder, killing, violence, is as much a part of human DNA as love, protection, tribal need.

Another cause of course is, we now live further apart from each other, but in closer proximity.

We tend to move away from relatives, living across continents sometimes. We all used to stay in the same towns so had people to fall back on when in trouble, or overwhelmed. Now we have 100 people in our street who we don’t even know. We are surrounded by strangers, all with their own issues. We are all impatient, with a throwaway society waiting on the next big thing.

Cars are larger, harder to park and feed. This sounds silly here but it all adds to irritability, daily.

The world is a smaller place. We struggle whilst force-fed politics, religion and stories of murders and fear.

On the other side, just as in the past, we have heroes, lovers, gentleness and hope…..they however, don’t sell papers.



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