Lost Boy

Lost Boy

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tpsdave / Pixabay

Anguish in her voice the mother calls
child missing for 3 minutes already
heartbeat faster and painful now
she calls again


she can feel nothing
its like he was suddenly stilled
she looks around frantically
scanning her area and beyond

she sees him and races towards
but no
not him
she cries out again

around her
eyes watch and hear her pain
but they have pains of their own

the mother
her heart breaking
screams in grief
her breathing now short and hard
she tries to get away from this feeling
but it will never leave her

she travels past her son
but she does not see him or recognise him
dead already
hidden behind the black veil

she cannot breathe now and thrashes trying to gain her vision
her heart races and pounds
spikes of pain shoot through her and she tries to call again
death reaches in and claims her in its painful grasp

above the whale
the skimmer is trying to control the black death
and failing

Isabella F A Shores
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