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    Dear Fran,

    Your avatar is well, well below the level of acceptability for avatars in artistic contexts. I have friends that would be glad to do a proper rendition of your noble countenance. There is Leonardo, he fusses a little too much, but never used blue, just think how good that would make you feel; then there is van Rijn, he does not like being addressed by his first name, he doesn’t use blue either, used just one candle when painting, so his commission is within reach; also Peter Paul, he doesn’t like to paint clothing, and prefers well endowed subjects, I don’t know if that would suit you …; also Pablo, a bit edgy, but he uses blue, wow, sometimes really blue. Any rate, let me know when you are ready for a sitting, I’ll get one of my friends, maybe all of them.


    Dear Fran
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    Oh dear. Ludwig how lovely to meet you! I’m sorry I was so long answering but Bill’s question made me get dressed and go off to the shops for shoes!

    Now. Dear man you do realise these people are dead don’t you? If not, please ask immediate help from a trained professional!

    However, posing nude for my painting does appeal. I did indeed have one done many years ago but was just a snip of a gal. Very shy. So insisted he did it in the dark. See attachment.

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    Dead? Dead, you say? My friends, Leonardo, Rembrandt, Rubens, Picasso, are dead? That can’t be!! You must be getting a kickback from your shrink by referring patients. I won’t go! Ha, gotcha! That painting you show is clearly done in the style of Rembrandt with his candle extinguished! I recognize his work, you can’t fool me! See, he is around, you even posed for him!


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    I though the movie was great, the combination of animation and real actors was amazing, they just seemed to jump off the screen, especially in 3d When I was.. .what? oh that Avatar… never mind.


    Isabella F A Shores
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    I LOVED Avatar!! I See You!

    Fran…. I happen to agree. I think it is time you got a new avatar…Or I will get you one….mwahahahahaha

    Ludwig.. I think you are right… that is definitely his work!

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