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    We have decided to keep the forum quite private for our members.  It may not stop spam but it will help slow it down and also gives us all the opportunity to get to know each other a bit better.

    So, in that vein, please introduce yourself here and let’s get to know you so we can open up the forum to you more 🙂




    Hi!  Kathy K. McClellan:  Artistic Photographer

    The arts have played a large role in my life as long as I can remember, as it was important in our home. My parents loved music, sang and danced together. My sister and I sang duets at various school and civic activities when we were children. I have played the clarinet, oboe and piano.  My mother was a gifted craftswoman and very artistic. She loved to write as we discovered when we found and read her writings after she passed away.  I have written poems and news articles for school and church newsletters and have also painted a little, acrylic on wood.  Music is the only art I pursued where I actually took lessons.

    At present I am creating images for prints and merchandise, mostly from my photography but have also recently started painting again, acrylic on canvas.

    My only online presence is on Fine Art America/Pixels, Facebook and Our Arts Magazine.

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    Dorothy Berry-Lound

    A big smiling hello from half way up a mountain near Paciano in Umbria, Italy. I am Dorothy Berry-Lound a fine art photographer, visual story teller and blogger. I live with my husband, Barnet Boy, 17 cats (four inside and 13 outside cats) and two dogs. The cats include the famous Ms Stevie Mouse.

    A new book telling the story of how I found Stevie, and how she grew up to be a great model for my work, has just been published (follow the link in my website to purchase it). This is the latest of several books I have written, including one about a teddy bear with attitude (not for children) and another book of illustrated spiritual poetry.

    I write a blog twice a week, covering a range of subjects from developing an art marketing plan to introducing a small Italian town or village. I also write a quarterly column on my life in Italy for QC magazine.

    My art covers a range of subjects, reflecting my Brighton background, my life in Italy, the countryside and my love for animals. But I work from the heart so all pieces are developed with a little piece of me and contribute to the mood of the room in which they sit. This reflects my interest in healing art and how art can make a difference in the world.

    I have clients all over the world, with local clientele for my Central Italy prints (available from a dedicated website) and others who have bought my work across Europe and the United States.

    I sell through a range of outlets all of which are listed on my website



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    Hello,                               (Lawrence Mathias; visual artist)

    I am a visual artist based in North London, and have worked in the arts for about 30 years on a generally freelance basis. My work has been fairly wide ranging, but has become very much more politically and socially engaged in recent years, wishing to reflect on the complexity and challenges in the world today. Political art can often be at risk of becoming like propaganda for one side or other, but I think the best artists in the past, like the great 19th century French artist Honore Daumier, tried to remain detached from political fashions and movements, preferring to align themselves with non-partisan ideals about humanity and justice. This is not always possible, of course, but it is what makes this kind of art so engaging, as it often will play with highly charged and controversial topics, the kind of issues which may not lend themselves just to “art for art’s sake” matters. I have also worked extensively as a muralist and community arts facilitator, providing projects and workshops for councils, arts organisations, festival events and schools, and this sort of work has provided much of the bread and butter employment I have needed over the years. My website,, has examples of this kind of work, as well as some of the artwork, videos, music and poetry I have done over the years. Today, art has many opportunities for expression across a range of media and in conjunction with many other artists and groups, and I have tried to take advantage of both of these aspects of working in the arts. I currently exhibit with three different London art groups, the large and very successful ArtCan group, the Brazilian founded Arts for Democracy group, and the similarly large and eclectic NoBarking Arts group, all of which regularly show in established London galleries.

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    Hello everyone!  Lovely to meet you 🙂  I have changed your memberships and you SHOULD be able to see things now and also be able to post.

    If you have any trouble please contact me and I will do my best to help



    I spent my career in the software industry for about 40 years. During that time, my creativity that was so abundent in my youth slipped away overshadowed by kids, wires, houses, career, well basically life. During those years I always kept abreast of new technology in both still and video art.  I started dabbling  back in into photography and digital video, and was drawn to the post process. Video editing was such a joy to learn, as it was now non linear and cutting and adding things have become so painless, as well as still photograph.  No more chemicals, darkroom supplies and equipment, no long pieces of film that had to be physically cut and spliced. The world of non-distructive editing was and still its to me, amazing.  I pushed aside video editing as there was so much more time spent on the computer verse being out in the field, so I started getting involved with digital photography, less time on computer more time walking in nature. As I retired and made digital photography  a full time passion, and again was drawn to the magic of post processing, where you image can be what you want it to be. Now I’m an Image Creator, working mostly with custom work, and projects.  I do also sell consumer versions of my work infused on to products as well, but most of my time is doing custom creations for homes and businesses.

    I am based in Newport Oregon, on the coast, which is a nature photographer’s dream.  Ocean, streams, lakes, mountains, forest, wetlands, all with in a few miles radius.  There is alway something to capture.   My two sites are and 




    Greetings and Salutations Good People.

    Roseann here. Digital Mixed Media artist. I work in a variety of styles.

    I live in New England in the US.

    I worked for years in the corporate world and learned how to build my own Windows PC desktops. It allows me to make a very powerful machine at about half the cost of buying one.

    I love creating art. I like taking things that I see, things that I feel, even things I dream of and making them into visual imagery.

    Abbie, thanks for having me here. Sending a virtual high five your way.










    Hello to all the new arrivals.  Look forward to some discussions, and to learning/sharing with you all




    Miss talking with you, Abbie.  🙂



    Hi, Bill.

    It’s always fun to meet new folks.


    You should all be able to see the other forums now so please feel free to jump in and start things. You are in at the beginning 😀



    “You are in at the beginning”

    Just so you know, I now here Follow the Yellow Brick Road in my head. LOL

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